A new computer for Stephen: Intel 2 in 1

So Stephen had a really nice dell computer that he got when he was an undergrad. It was too big, and therefore too expensive for us to ship here to the US, and we weren't sure how the whole different outlet/frequency situation was going to work, so we sold it. Well, our sweet friends back in Glasgow held onto it and sold it for us. He loved that computer a lot, and so did I because it had a fairly big screen and we didn’t have a TV for 2 years so it enabled me to watch all of my American shows. We would put on our favorite at the time show at night and crawl into bed (it was on the back wall at the foot of our bed) and watch our show. We binge watched Game of Thrones on it and now, every time we watch GOT, it brings us right back to our tiny flat watching GOT on a computer and eating crisps and cheese in bed. 

I have an old MacBook (not even pro...gasp). It’s white, pretty gross looking now, and cracked in a few different places on the outside. It has traveled the world with me because I didn’t have a smart phone for three years (wide eye emoji) and I needed internet access everywhere because I have a problem.  She over-heats and if you touch the plug at the side you will get burned. It’s a fire hazard waiting to happen I’m sure, but I am holding onto her for dear life because ugh money. 

ANYWAY. For Christmas S got me an ipad mini, my very first, and I love it, so now I feel like I can hang onto my soon to be dead or exploded macbook because I have an ipad mini lifeline. But you see, Stephen hates Apple products. I know. How I managed to look past that and still marry  him is beyond me. He hates all things apple and mac and lowercase i. He is a windows, droid, PC person and I don’t understand it but we all have our flaws. He has tried using my mac and just ends up complaining about it, and she’s old and already pissy so he can’t use her anymore because he is making her more upset.


Intel sent me an e-mail saying they wanted to send me and probably some other bloggers the intel 2 in 1. I could just see the look on computer-less mac hating Stephen’s face and I’ll do anything to see that happy Irish smile of his. I swear when I told him that I took one for the team and agreed to have them send it to me (the sacrifices I make, I tell you... ) he looked like a 12 year old boy who just got a speed bike or something that he would really like for Christmas. 

It finally arrived a couple of weeks ago, and he didn't put it down for the first 24 hours. He was so pumped and showed it off to all the members of our communal living compound (my mom and brother and dogs).

I asked him the other day, after having spent some time getting to know each other, what his review is and he says he really loves the keypad feature and how it can also be used as a touch screen tablet. However, he also said for a tablet it is very heavy and sort of bulky so he prefers using it as more of a laptop.

So for all of you non apple fans out there, or just for those not wanting to dish out the money for an apple computer, I think the intel 2 in 1 is actually a really nice and great alternative, especially considering the dual feature component. So much bang for your buck with this. Stephen agrees.




#spon: This Post was sponsored by Intel by all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Life Lately

Don't you hate it when your husband Paparazzi's you after you tell him to take your photo? ;) 

Don't you hate it when your husband Paparazzi's you after you tell him to take your photo? ;) 

Or what could be also titled the most boring post of all time. 

This wasn't originally going to be a "Megan photo only post" but adding in the photo of the outside of the movie theatre and the blurry glass of wine next to avocado egg rolls from cheesecake factory just seemed like I was really reaching. 

Stephen took me to see The Fault in Our stars last week? I think that was last week. The days have been sort of a blur. It was amazing and I cried, even though I thought for sure I wasn't going to when it started. I cried during the book, so I felt like I was prepared and my emotions were strong, but please, have I not met me? Of course I ended up crying. It was really beautifully done and held so close to the book. I was not disappointed at all and usually I am ever so slightly or a lot when a book turns movie. Like my Sisters Keeper, it was wonderful but the whole ending being changed really threw me off, because in the book is was SO much more dramatic and I really love a shocking and dramatic ending. 

I have been slightly MIA from this space and reality due to the virus that didn't end for a week and a half and then I got the stomach flu and was like wtf immune system? Pull it together, I have to blog. AND of course we had been secretly planning The Hundred and between that and my regular job, well I am just so busy and so I have to be one of those people and tell you how busy I am via the internet because everyone actually cares but really I am no busier than anyone else, lets be honest. I have actually been off of work this entire week so really all my "busy" excuses expired a week ago anyway. 

My Aunt Gloria came to visit the other night. She is the mother of my favorite uncle/father figure who passed away when I was 13. He was only 46 and she stills gets choked up with she talks about him. Stephen cooked a roast dinner and I got to talk life with her, which is my favorite. She is a sprightly 87 year old, but looks 67, who refuses to wear jeans and is always blinged out. She is constantly traveling and on the move and tells inappropriate jokes, occasionally curses and likes to drink wine. She turned to me and said "Megan, never stop moving. When you stop moving, you get old and you die."

She is a wise woman that Gloria. She also tried to take Stephen home with her. No surprise there. That man has a way with the older ladies. 

In conclusion, Orange is the New Black is SO good.

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Attention bloggers! Introducing The Hundred! | Dallas 2014

I am REALLY excited to officially announce The Hundred! We have been secretly working on this event for awhile and I am so happy to finally share it with you all!

Lauren contacted me awhile ago, saying she was in the US for the summer and asked if I would be interested in hosting a fun weekend event with her, Grace, and Bridget to be held August 8-10 in Dallas, TX. My answer was something along the lines of "duh." Really though, the idea goes back much further to when I was living abroad. Lauren and I would frequently talk about how we should do a fun event for those wanting to learn more about this community and help them be a part of it. It had been such a saving grace for us as expats, and we wanted to pay it forward. There were talks about hosting it in a Tuscan Villa...maybe for the next one ;) 

The Hundred is a conference style weekend event for the small e- business owner, writer, and blogger. It will be packed full of fun activities that we believe will help make this online world a little less intimidating and create a welcoming and friendly network for everyone. I know for myself, building relationships online has been one of the greatest outcomes of blogging. Some of my best girlfriends are those I met online, the ladies above included, and it is our hope to help others become a part of this community in addition to becoming successful with their space. 

We have partnered up with some seriously amazing brands and bloggers to put together a weekend that will not only be informative but also really really fun, AND most importantly, affordable. Good food and drinks, parties, workshops, and giveaways are just a few fun things to expect during the weekend.  

There is a limited enrollment of 100 (see what we did there?) so it is a more intimate and personal experience for everyone. You can read more about the event, and how to become 1 in a 100 here!

I hope to see you there so I can finally hug some of you in person, instead of virtually, which is just sort of awkward. Stephen might make an appearance as well. I should have probably just led with that. 



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*Special thanks to Joules for sponsoring this event

Moms I want to sit with

motherhood and blogs

I talked about friends having babies and how it can be hard and make you ragey because you want things to stay the same until YOU change and then everyone else can change too. 

But today I want to talk about moms who I look up to, admire, and want to sit at the same table with because they seem cool and funny and most likely will help me when I am breaking down post baby one day. 

I follow a lot of moms on IG and read a lot of mommy blogs, because it’s either that or fashion blogs in this world and so much materialism makes me want to hibernate or rob a bank. So I read the moms because most are my age and well I am just fascinated with how they make ish happen on the regular with kids when I can barely keep our bedroom clean. 

Some of my favorites include, but are not limited to:

Lauren from Aspiring Kennedy, Bridget from Tales of me and the Husband, Elizabeth from Elizabeth Ivie, Kate from Kate Baer, Sydney from the Daybook, and Grace from Camp Patton.

These moms could not be more different in the way they parent and live their life, but they each seem so humble and never really take themselves too seriously. They write about their lives in a way that is relatable (even Lauren who travels all over the world with a baby in tow) and honest and I just keep going back for more because they make me think that I can do this too one day . I am trying to scale back on the birth stories though because they make me sweat. 

Do you have any daily mommy blog reads?  And out of curiosity, how do you feel when a blogger you follow becomes a mom and her blog turns mommy blogger-ish? I never thought about how it might be a similar feeling to when friends have kids, like you are excited but maybe like oh great now they are going to change if you are not quite there yet with the kid thing. Or maybe I am reaching here.