15 weeks

So I got this idea from a couple of bloggers, but found the questions on Bridget's blog. Long before I was pregnant these were the only types of pregnancy posts I actually read so I thought why not? Actually I also read birth stories, but I have since stopped reading those because YIKES. Nothing gives me more anxiety than reading a birth story, no matter how euphoric the experience.

I won't go crazy and do these updates every week, but I figured every once in awhile it might be a nice little update for everyone/myself and family. 

Cravings: SUGAR. This has started to finally dwindle down a bit, but sugar has been my main craving. I have never been a big sugar person. I love me some salt. Pregnant Megan wants all of the sugar though. My friend finally stepped in and was like, no more sugar Megan because you will crash and burn in a bad way. I cut it out and she was right, I had a total sugar meltdown around week 11. I try and curb the craving with lots of fruit and more protein, but I still eat a chocolate pudding snack or some ice cream every once in awhile. Tastes so good when it hits my lips.

Weight Gain: This feels awkward? 7 lbs so far, which I think is on track considering my height and weight pre pregnancy. Who knows. Well google and doctors know i guess.

Comments: "Oh you really popped!" "You are showing early, I'm surprised!" "I think it's a boy"- everyone "You'll never look pregnant. People will think you stole the baby after you give birth" - my boss. 

Fears: Everything. jk. Kinda. Getting sick again like I was a couple weeks ago. Something being wrong with the baby at our 20 week ultrasound. Bleeding (I am O neg blood type and had a bit of a scare around week 9 so it's always sort of a worry). 

General mood: I think I am balancing out a bit and don't feel so crazy. I have some anxiety (more on that later this week) and am slightly more sensitive than usual (so a lot sensitive) but other than that I think my mood has been MUCH better than it was during the sick weeks from hell where only despair reigned. 

Sleep: Finally sleeping through the night. Insomnia was nutty for awhile there and I would wake up between the hours of 1-2am and couldn't go back to sleep until the hours of 4-6am. This lasted WEEKS. I would text my east coast friends so they would feel bad for me. But seriously, it was the most awful thing in the world. I still stir a bit around 2am but it's not nearly as bad. 

Things I was surprised by: Boobs. How fast they grew and how much they hurt. EVERYONE warned me, and I was like, oh gals, no big deal, I can handle some tenderness i am so brave, and then weeks 7-12 hit and I was like holy hell batman someone is trying to cut off my boobs. 

Things I am most looking forward to: Forgetting what the 1st trimester of pregnancy was like, because I am still a little traumatized. 

What I think is really cool and crazy: That Stephen and I MADE something and it is growing inside of me and that my body just knows what to do. It is cool and crazy but also slightly terrifying. 

Food Aversions: cold grated cheese and corn. The grated cheese has been since the very beginning. Melted, sliced, chunks, FINE. Grated? gag. I don't even know guys. Also some things I ate during the first trimester. Ginger, food from Urban Cafe, the smell of Lavender...except cheetos and cheeseburgers. I can still eat those. surprise surprise. 

Maternity Clothes: Not yet! But I am ready to get some maternity jeans and leggings for sure because things are getting a little.bit.snug.

Gender: TBD in February! We are not finding out! 


Robe c/o Love Ophelia | comfiest robe in all of the land and my current daily (literally) pregnancy wear as you may have noticed on instagram. They are offering readers of my blog free shipping with the code ship100. Do yourself a huge favor and grab one. I slept in mine last night. no joke. AND they make maternity robes. They are also perfect for wedding getting ready photos/ bridesmaids gifts too. I honestly could go on and on about this company and how much I genuinely love the product and owner behind it who I got to talk with on the phone for like an hour one day, but I will let you experience the glory for yourself.


A Hundred Highlights: Friday and Saturday

There is so much that I can say about planning The Hundred and about the weekend itself, but I am sure you all are getting very tired of hearing about it, so I will attempt to keep this brief(ish).

Coming together with Lauren, Bridget and Grace was a real honor for me. They are women I look up to and admire on so many levels. I felt way out of my league. Lauren is such a hustler and really goes balls to the wall, a personality type that I often find intimidating since I am a much more sit back and observe type of person. I don’t like to push, but I am learning that there is good in stepping outside your comfort zone and getting people to do the same.

Grace is just a sweet lamb. She has such a generous and kind spirit and calming nature; this must be what draws people to her. Add that to her quick wit and knack for telling a story? It puts her in a league all her own.

Bridget and I have been texting and e mailing for years now. I consider her one of my best friends and yet this is the first time we were meeting face to face! We obviously clicked right away. Her friendly and outgoing nature makes people feel welcome and like one of the group. I enjoyed recapping with her at the end of the day about things we could do better during the weekend, and how we could make people feel more welcome. Plus we are both pregnant and needed to stick together.

This weekend couldn't have happened without the personalities of all of these women. I am thankful to have been amongst them.

Our weekend consisted of Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday morning. Take my hand and lets walk through Friday and Saturday shall we? It won’t take long. (This post just took a different direction, quickly).

Friday Highlights:

The Warwick Melrose and it’s grandness. It was the perfect spot to host the weekend.

Registration in the lobby. Each person got a folder with their schedule for the weekend, notes from the sessions to come, and a list of everyone at the Event.

Dinner in the ballroom hosted by Joules.

Joules and their gift bags placed on each seat for each attendee. Also Wellies for everyone! 

Kendi of Kendi Everyday (color me blogger struck...you know, like star struck...) as our keynote speaker. She is every bit as lovely and witty as you would expect her to be but even MORE so in person. She kicked off the weekend with an epic speech.

Food, drinks, and chatting galore. Finally putting names to faces. I was mainly in charge of attendee emails, so I felt like I already knew everyone, even though they didn’t know me. Everyone was just as lovely and kind as I had imagined. 

Saturday Highlights:


Breakfast at the amazing Breadwinners. Unfortunately for me, I had a date with the toilet bowl that morning that couldn’t be cancelled. It’s pretty demanding of my time and attention.

Sessions with the likes of Casey, Jenni, Fossil, Kendi, Staci, and Pulp Designs, and Dilettante Collections (that pretty dress pictured above), just to name a few. I, personally, learned so much, and I think others did as well. 

Lunch at Cane Rosso hosted by the lovelies at Twine Interiors. We ate a lot of Pizza and I got to chat to the amazing couple behind Lily Jade.

Dinner at Peacock Alley’s gorgeous studio co hosted by MILIEU. I wanted to slumber party in their display beds.

YUMMY  food from Ruthies Rolling Cafe food truck. I devoured that Patty Melt in .5 seconds. 

Blood Orange Popsicle from Steel city pops. I ate it and held a newborn at the same time. Already nailing this mother thing. 

Truck beds as a photo booth. 

Winning a robe and then quickly handing it off to an attendee who didn’t get one in their room (like they were ALL supposed to) Don’t even get me started on this. Bane of my existence all weekend. 

Laughing and chatting with the girls. This was one of my favorite parts of the weekend I think. 

I promise to wrap this party up with our Sunday Brunch, because it is worthy of a post of it's own.

*all photos by the amazing Paige

Home from The Hundred

bonded for life (whether they like it or not)

bonded for life (whether they like it or not)

Well, it is over. The Hundred Event has come to an end. It was a crazy amazing weekend and I am so thankful for the group that we had. The girls were the absolute sweetest and so gracious and supportive of us and our first ever event. 

I am still coming down off of the high from the weekend, and feel like I need to sleep for a week to really get back to my regular fatigued self. I still am obsessively checking my phone for e mails and really just need a day to fully unplug...but I cant stop hitting refresh on IG and looking at the hashtag. I'll get there.

I only got sick a few times which was a small miracle, and the majority of that was on the plane which I can now check off of my fear list (motion=not my friend). I think the distraction and chaos of the event was actually a great help; a quick shot of adrenaline to keep me going and puke free.

I plan on recapping the event with photos and more information as soon as my brain starts working properly again, so until then, I have links to a few blog posts written by the attendees themselves! 

Sarah of Tucker Up recap here and here 

Amber of 3 Ladies and Their Gent recap here

Jessie of Hashtag recap here

*You can also see some photos from the weekend shot by Paige on The Hundred site here 

*More photos to come from the Sunday brunch shot by my sweet Shay

My mind is still blown by all of the help we had in putting this weekend together! People are really really good. I can't wait to share more!



And we are off!

no makeup, dark circles, but this is my favorite place to be.

no makeup, dark circles, but this is my favorite place to be.

First, thank you all SO much for the sweet comments on my announcement post, and my IG photos, and facebook, and just for being so kind and supportive and awesome. Stephen and I couldn't stop smiling (and hitting refresh) all day. It was so fun for us, and I feel really lucky I get to share big moments of my life with so many great people. Thank you.

Second, we are off to Dallas tomorrow for The Hundred Event! Stephen is coming with me because a. I want to show him more of the US b. We became really close with Lauren and Tyler while we were abroad and can't wait to see them again and c. He is my keeper and I am fragile and someone needs to help me at all times. 

I am really hoping I don't puke on the plane or on any bloggers. Just keeping my goals high. I am also hoping my body won't malfunction from the sudden exposure to life and being upright and functioning for more than a couple of hours a day. I think it will be okay, and I will be carrying my emergency Zofran JUSSSSSTTT in case. I actually haven't taken any yet because I haven't needed to really pull it together to this capacity, but it's nice to know it's there like a good friend to hold your hair back. 

I also realize I am dramatic about being sick. I can't help it. I have to talk about it. If I am alone, after I throw up, I text like half of my friends letting them know I just was sick. I have patient friends, who I am sure at this point eye roll and side eye.

Aside from that, I am actually really excited for this weekend and am so thankful it came at this stage and not like three weeks ago, because no. I can't wait to meet everyone and eat good food and learn some new things and just have a good time. We put a lot of work into it and I think it's really paid off. There will be images posted to The Hundred site from the event daily, and of course, there is instagram

See you in Dallas!